Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day 87-93

Net loss - 2.0, total loss - 72.6

Thanksgiving was good. So good in fact, that I gained almost 4 pounds. My family was in Chicago, so I went to a friends and went to town. I got there about 1.30 PM and started snacking until we ate the actual meal at 6.30. The food was so good though. Luckily, I worked through everything I ate within 2 days, and lost all that weight pretty quickly.

And I am almost done with the diet. I am excited. I am happy that this is done and that I did so well on it. I have a week to go, and then 25 days of restricted freedom. I say restricted because I plan to eat, but I know I have to control it and not go crazy. Then another 100 days, and by Tax Day next year, I will be all done.

I know these posts will not be every day anymore, but I will still post at least once a week.


Shalini said...

way to go sascha. keep it up. don't let yourself get too crazy when you take time for yourself. you missed an awesome meal at our place for the big day.

jake247 said...

Hey Sasha,

Mikey told me the final weigh-in numbers this morning over coffee ... you're my new hero! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the whole experience.