Wednesday, January 7, 2009


25 Day Travesty

Well, the 25 Day Maintenance Diet did work that well. I ended up gaining 16 pounds. Granted, this was the Holidays and I did not work out for almost 3 weeks. I spent some time with my family which was nice. My whole family was together for Christmas for the first time in at least 6 years. Also, as discussed in an earlier post, I finally joined The Tequila Club. That was a good night, but the 2nd time we went was even better (Luckily, my brother-in-law was strong enough to join me in the club). Of course, shots of tequila usually make an evening better (7 shots down, 43 more to go until I get the velvet painting of myself on the wall...tell me that's not some sort of motivation).

I have been thinking about it recently, and I wonder what I would have done if my 25 day break had been in any other month. I think I would have done a lot better. The holidays have historically been a bad diet time for everyone. With all the effort I put forth on the diet, I just crashed afterwards, but I am sure, if the break was over the summer, I would have maintained a lot better.

This pic alone is pretty descriptive of the whole break:


Day 94 - 100, THE END of the First Challenge

Net loss - 8.0, total loss 80.6
Feel free to read that last number one more time. I will wait.....that's right, in 100 days, I lost just over 80 pounds. I really did not think I could do this well. I thought I would do ok, I thought I would lose some weight, but I did not think it would be that much. First off, thank you so much to everyone who supported me on this and to all the people who answered my many, many questions (DM, that's mainly you).
I learned quite a bit on this diet about myself and what I can do. I realized that when I really focus on something and care about it, I will succeed at it (Granted, it was called 100 pounds in 100 days, but losing 80 pounds is still pretty impressive). I learned that I need to make better decisions when it comes to food (fast food is NOT the way to go). I make really good eggs (I knew this already, but it was reinforced). And the most important thing I learned is that I am a lot happier and more confident when I am exercising and losing weight, and those are 2 things I want to maintain.
One interesting thing about my diet that I learned from RM is the last thing I will share. He kept trying to get me to watch The Biggest Loser. I would try, but I am just not that into Reality TV, but I would still ask about the show as I was still interested to see what they were doing. I am not sure if I mentioned this in a previous blog, but I auditioned for this most recent season of the show, and obviously, was not on the show. For those not familiar with the show, there are about 16-20 adults who go to live on this compound and workout and people get voted off the show every week. Of those who started, 4 people stayed at the compound through the whole thing, with no job, with a personal trainer, with special chefs teaching them how to cook healthier food, working out several hours a day for 101 days. Of those 4 people, over 101 days, with all that, they lost between 75 and 85 pounds. While I was on my diet, I worked full time, had no personal trainer or chef, cooked my own food (of course there were days I went up a lot too, like after Thanksgiving) and was on it 100 days and still lost 80 pounds. No need to clap, I just patted myself on the back. But seriously, I was blown away when RM told me that. I was surprised that I did that well on my own and I wished I was on the show, because I would have won.
And on that note, here are some pics:
Face pic the 1st day
Face pic at the end
Body pic the 1st day

Body pic at the end

Random pic of me sleeping the day before the diet
Please continue to read my blog, as I try to maintain for 25 days and start another 100 Day Challenge in 2009. Happy New Year.