Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Work

I worked again today. It was not a bad day. I got to have lunch with my friend B again. Unfortunately, she is quitting, so this was one of the last times we will work together or have lunch together. We have really gotten to know each other well over the last few weeks and I'll miss working with her. I work tomorrow and Wednesday in the Children's department. I am not sure about this. I will be over there for a big Back-to-School sale. Ugghh. I am not sure about my patience with kids.

Also, recently, the floor I work on has undergone a makeover. It used to be my section, bedding/towels, fine China and furniture. We got rid of the furniture in our store and to make up for it, moved Children's and Lingerie down to my floor and removed all the dividing walls. So now, if you walk down a certain aisle, on one side are pots and pans and on the other sleepwear. If you go to the China section, there is crystal on one side and bras on the other. It doesn't really make sense to me.

As for this project, I am really looking forward to starting. I think there will be a lot of positive outcomes.

I really don't have anything else.