Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Leave Britney Alone

Hello, y'all. What's going on? Nothing? You want to hear from me? OK, here goes. It is Tuesday night and I am watching a Britney Spears video. I feel as bad about it as you do, but I am trying to focus on this blog and I can't help that the music channel plays bad music videos. I've decided not to change the channel until I am done with this post. Although, she is hot and likes to strut around in very little clothing......FOCUS. Whew, that was close, I am almost got enchanted, but the video is over. Now they are playing a Kanye West video. SOOO much better.

I woke up early this morning and was planning to get a physical today at a walk-in clinic, but, consulted with my counsel, and decided against it. I made an appointment for Thursday morning at a regular doctor's office. As I was already awake, I headed over to my friend's place before work. I even brought breakfast (bagel sandwiches are super tasty). We went over more about my blog and The 100 Days Project. This is going to be pretty serious. (They are now playing a new Kanye video about Chicago and makes me really miss home and makes me wish I could leave tomorrow. I am going back to the Chi on Friday and I am so excited.) And of course we Scrambled (which is why I ignored you on IM, Don, my bad.)

Work. Work today was really easy. The HUGE SALE in Children's was nothing. Nothing. It was so slow, I ended up going around the floor giving people breaks. However, I kept getting annoying customers who would change their minds every 5 minutes. (They are now playing this new Rihanna song about a lover who cheats on her and she kicks him out and she is strong enough to move on. Isn't this the same song Beyonce put out last year about a lover who cheats on her and she kicks him out and she is strong enough to move on? Maybe, maybe not.) One good thing good about work today was that I got to work with my good friend again. She is one of the few people I like that work on my floor. I get to work with her tomorrow as well, and B one last time.

One last thing I feel we should talk about. I think that if I am going to be as honest with you about my weight, exercise, food, cholesterol level, etc, I should be honest with you about everything. Yesterday, as it has almost become a daily habit, I went to my friend's place before work. It was a normal day: talk about the blog, lunch, whining, inappropriate/offensive/thoroughly disgusting conversations/videos/pictures (mostly about pinkies and sandboxes.....yeah, no need to spend too much time thinking about that (sorry WP)). Video update: they are on the 2nd of 2 Chris Brown videos. I like his music and his videos, it makes it easier for me to tell this story. Where was I, oh, yes, Thunder Cloud, anyway, we decided to have lunch. We got food from the Cheesecake Factory. I got an appetizer as I sometimes have a tough choice picking food, let alone all the changes I want to make to the order (Slow Lo, you know what I mean). Anyway, I chose the Buffalo Blasts thinking I had never had them. When they arrived and I ate them, I realized 3 things: 1. I have had them before, 2. I should have ordered Ranch to go with them, and 3. I do not like them (even if I had had the Ranch). Little did I know that the 3rd sentiment was about to be excruciatingly reinforced. This morning, I went to bathroom to "read" like I do every morning. After......release, I had the most agonizing "reading" pain I have ever felt. It was so bad, I could not even read, I had to put my book down and writhe around on the toilet for about 5 minutes (they certainly got the BLAST part right!). It was ridiculous. I really thought that I might have eaten glass shards the day before but forgot about it. I never want to feel like that again. I was in so much pain, I didn't want to wipe (if you are concerned, I "read" again when I got home from work and everything seems to be back in order).

And on that note, I will leave you. Hope everything comes out alright for you.


Shalini said...

what is "scrambling"? and no, we are not "that" interested in all your goings on during the day. you know what i'm referring to. i can't wait to see you buddy. i miss you. you should have been there for irish fest. it was AWESOME!!!