Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Beginning

Good morning. This is my first real blog. I am starting a diet next month and this is my attempt at getting used to the blog world. Next month I will be shifting to my website, and by "my website", I mean I own it.

I never thought I would own a domain or put so much personal info on it, but now that I am started (and there is a topless pic of me on youtube), I am starting to feel more comfortable about it, but at first, I was as scared as I look in this picture. I will be sharing a lot more about me than I really feel comfortable doing, but I think as time passes and the results are visible, it will be easier.

I will be keeping track of everything I eat and all my physical activity everyday. I have just received the ultimate in calorie tracking book and will be posting what I am eating and how many calories I consume in a day, week, etc. and how my consumption changes over time.

What I have consumed today:
whole grain toast, 2 slices
butter, 1 tbsp approx.
american cheese, 1 slice
Pam to grease pan
eggs, 2, scrambled
onions, chopped, 1 handful
pepper, 4-5 vigorous shakes
curry powder, 3-4 plentiful shakes
salsa, 1 oz
orange juice, 15 oz
water, 1/2 liter

For lunch I will have:
steamed dumplings, 8
dumpling sauce, 1 oz
green tea, diet, w/citrus, 1/2 liter

For dinner I will have:
Spiderman fruit snacks, 1 packet
granola bar
sandwich made w/country potato bread, mayo, coney island mustard, turkey (2 slices) and ham (2 slices)
diet coke, 12 oz

That is all for today. More tomorrow.


Chunjen said...

Hello Sascha, this is Charles, Wen Peng's friend, that I met you once last year at your company luxury suite in Angel stadium.

It's great to see your blog and focus on 100 days / 100 pounds. Go for it and we would love to see the progress everyday.

By the way, nice vedeo tho.. :>

Shu140 said...

Go Sascha! Go Sascha!

(Can I have Spiderman fruit snack, too, please?)

Michael Friedl said...

OK, so what was your calorie total for the day?

Go Sassy!

Shalini said...

Good luck. I just joined Weight Watcher's and got a personal trainer. It's a hard process. I hope it works for you. If you need someone to talk to, I would be happy to offer support and encouragement.

vivi said...

Sascha -

you will do GOOOOOODDDDD!!!!