Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, Slurday

Today I went bowling with my 2 nephews who are 3 and 5 (of course, he told me he was 5 and 1/2). They are really smart and it amazes how much they already know. The 3 year old was able to recognize and remember a Toyota (this also meant that they would scream the type of car of every single car we passed). When I was that age, I am pretty sure that if you asked me what a car was, I would have stared at you blankly and tilted my head to one side. As a matter of fact, even now, if you asked me to recall something, I would probably stare at you blankly and slowly tilt my head to one side. It is fun hanging out with them, but also tiring.

Ahh, ok, I am awake again. I had to take a nap after that first paragraph. The other thing I did today was download a program that tracks my daily calories. They have a HUGE database that includes almost everything you can think of including restaurants and drinks (however, I could not find bacon wrapped chicken, or bacon wrapped asparagus or bacon wrapped shrimp. Hmm, they could add a whole category of bacon wrapped foods. I will send them an email.). According to the software, after only having breakfast and lunch, I have already exceeded my daily calorie limit (which is 2,000 calories) and my daily fat grams limit (which is 61 grams). Clearly, I have some work to do if I am going to be successful at this diet. (If you want to check out the software I downloaded, go to and you can download a free 7-day trial.)

My plan tonight is to go bowling again, or a bar, or if I am lucky, both. I am going to see my friend from college who lives in Long Beach. I feel a little bad because I have not seen him since New Years and I really have no excuse, but I am excited because we usually have fun when we hang out (and he tells really good stories).

That is all for today, I am watching Iron Giant with the nephews now and will write more tomorrow (possibly about what I do tonight).

(And I apologize for my ridiculous use of parenthetical phrases.)


Super Dave 3000 said...

Hey(Yo)((Long Beach)Sascha(Sashole))Dude(Or Dudeirino(If you aren't (are not) into the whole brevity thing))