Friday, August 8, 2008

Slow Friday

Yesterday was an interesting day. After watching a movie, the nephews and I went to the pool to swim. My 3 year old nephew has no fear at all when it comes to water. I walked him over to the deep end, which was 5 feet, and showed him an underwater hand stand. Immediately, he dove into the water to show me he could also touch the bottom, but he is not quite good at diving yet, so he basically just floated underwater then came back up. Both newphews really enjoyed it when I would stand on the edge of the pool, pick them up and throw them in. It was really nice to have them around.

As for bowling twice yesterday, it did not happen. The bowling alley we went to had league bowling so we could not get a lane. This turned out ok as we just went to a bar called "The Player's Lounge" in Westminster. I love dive bars, and this was a first class dive bar(and a bikini bar, mine was purple w/gold polka dots, very sexy). The awning outside boasted that they had pool, darts and games and that they were a "Sport Bar" but did not clarify which sport that was. I was hoping it was curling, but once inside, it appeared that the one sport was Sportscenter, which I did not realize was a sport.

From there we went to a bar in Long Beach called.....something. They had pretty good chimichangas. We had a couple beers(they had Leinenkugels on tap, which made me happy), then called it a night. Overall, it was a good night and I enjoyed being able to hang out w/my friend that I never see and hoped that the night was good for everyone and there will be another, but he will have to let me know.

I had to take a nap again between paragraphs, I am tired. My morning wake up call was earlier than I thought it would be today. As for my calorie counter, if I did it right, I had 5,000 calories and 213 grams of fat yesterday. YIKES! I will reconsider some of the foods I eat. It is very shocking to see that I would intake that many calories in a day. So far today I have had 700 calories and 31 grams of fat(mmm eggs and toast).

Well, that is all for today, I have a very strong urge to read (that was for you dirty martini).