Sunday, August 10, 2008


Wow, what a day. Last night, when I got home from work I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Luckily, I missed the beginning which was supposed to be amazing. I watched the athletes enter the stadium and walk around, which, I have to admit, was pretty boring. Watching people walking in a circle and turning left is not thrilling (I would rather watch NASCAR because it's faster and people crash.). The lighting of the torch was pretty spectacular though, and I am glad I kept the TV on (but I was really confused as to why Bob Costas kept calling it "the cauldron"). The guy "running" around the top of the stadium was awesome (which, if you choose to, can be read as "AWESOME!!!").

Today, I woke up, and went to work. I work in a large department store. It is not a mentally taxing job, so I find myself losing focus very easily and just wandering around. In fact, there was one day that I walked around the entire floor just to see if my manager, or any manger, would say something to me. After a few laps, I started carrying merchandise with me. After 10 laps, with no questions, I got bored and went back to my area. There is a lot more I can say about this job (wifey, you know what I mean), but what I did after work is much more interesting.

After work, a good friend called me and I met up with her and 3 other people at a sushi restaurant in Laguna. One of my friends was there and I met 2 new people, all women. Yeah, that's right, it was me, 4 women, sushi and beer (giggety giggety goo). They had already eaten, so I got the leftovers, which I did not mind. I was more than happy to make sure no sushi was wasted, that would have been rude (SUSHI!!!!). We came up with some great ideas about this blog and some pictures for it as well (actually, it was mostly talk about me posing in suggestive photos with a bear. I would love to explain that sentence, but I won't, let your mind run with it.). After eating, one of the women left, so it was me, dirty martini, AA and the birthday girl (hereafter, BG).

From there, we went to a bar called Hennessys. On the way there, AA admitted that when she gets nervous she farts. I could barely drive I was laughing so hard. One more time, she gets nervous, she farts. She even told a story about being nervous in front of her boss and letting a "silent but violent" one rip (I've always used "silent but deadly" but it looks like it's time for a new phrase.). I actually thought dirty martini's head might burst because she was laughing so hard (Sorry AA, I had to talk about that, it's way too good to keep to myself.). Back to the story, Hennessys normally has a cover band, called The Creepers, play on Saturday night. They are such an awesome (this use of the word actually needs to be read "AWESOME!!!!") band, but unfortunately, tonight was a dj. I take that back, it was an exceptionally bad dj (he was so bad, he doesn't deserve to be a DJ, just a dj.). At one point, he actually begged for a drink (We were stupid enough to get him a drink and he had the nerve to say he wouldn't play a song for us. RUDE.). Instead, he played a remix to a song, but it was a bad song to begin with, and it was bad remix, so it was a bad remix to a bad song. BRUTAL. We left after that and went across the street to The Marine Room.

One thing about going to bars with women is they can talk their way out of cover charges. Being the only guy with 3 women means I don't need to pay the cover either, sweet. Thanks. The Marine Room was pretty lame. It's an old person bar, not that I mind old people, or old women for that matter, but it was boring. So from there we went to the Dirty Bird. It's a cool bar, but it was super crowded and super warm, so we only stayed about 5 minutes.

From there, AA left, so me, dirty martini and the BG went to a bar in Dana Point called Turks. It was pretty chill. We talked about tattoos and went over ideas for new ones. It made me really want to get one. I think if I had my way, I would get about 10-15 more.

That is all for today, but it was a fun night. It is very late, and I am very tired. More tomorrow.

(PS. (I refuse to apologize for parenthetical phrases.) (Get used to it.))


Shalini said...

i thought you were going to list what foods you eat and your daily activities. i thought the whole point was to losee 100 pounds in 100 days. right? how's that going?

Shalini said...

also, the opening ceremonies were amazing! i've never seen choreography like that. they had 2008 people out there and they were perfectly in sync. it was a little terrifying to watch. communism in all its glory.

Michael Friedl said...

Hey, the Marine Room is a great bar. Does that mean I'm old? (oh, wait, I AM old!)