Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lazy Sunday

It's me, me, me, Sascha MC, in the place to be, the big brown voodoo daddy (how do I do that voodoo that I do).

I did nothing today and it was everything I thought it could be. After last night, I really did not feel like doing that much. I cooked and ate some bacon and eggs (so good), watched a couple movies, that were not that good, and watched the Cubs win. Go Cubs! It is a very exciting year to be a Cubs fan. They usually do well until June, then sputter and ultimately fail. It is now August and they are still in first place. I just hope they can hold off the brewers.

One more thing about last night, taking pics with an iPhone is not that easy. iTried to take pictures, but iFailed. My friends got annoyed that iWas having so much trouble taking their pics. iAm pretty sure it was not my fault because iDon't think that the iPhone takes good pictures, they are very grainy. This is just my opinion, iCould be wrong, iShould do more research which iWould if iHad an iPhone. But, iDigress, on to more interesting stuff that iThink you will like.

We have spiders. HUGE spiders. These pictures do not show it very well, but outside of my place, in the bushes, there are these really big spiders. I counted 10 webs and all the spiders look the same. I am not a fan of spiders, so it freaks me out a little. These spiders are literally 3-4 inches long, and their bodies are about 1-2 inches long. I went outside today to take pictures to share with you, but the pics really don't show their size. The other day when I went to the pool, I checked the bushes around my complex and there were no webs anywhere else. I think it might be a spider conspiracy. The spiders got together, discussed, proposed ideas, filibustered, and voted and, somehow, they chose the bushes outside my front door.

That is all for today. I am going to watch the Olympics. I want to Scramble, but other players are not playing their turns (you know who you are, play your turns.).


Lauren said...


Wow, i like this blog thing. i feel like i get to hear you talk again on a regular basis. it's like i can see your face and hear your voice saying these things and the best part is, if i get sick of you, i can just close the browser! jk, but seriously, yay for you. i like getting the life update, and am excited to see the progress. that video made me laugh. you look totally stoned in some of them, drunk in others, and then super tired in the rest. i love it!

Ryan said...

ok ok. I will play my scramble turn. And I shall smite thee.