Monday, August 11, 2008

Maximus Monday

Where to start? How about last night? I watched the Olympics again, but before I talk about that, today India won its first individual gold medal ever. Abhinav Bindra won the 10M air rifle. Go India!! I watched swimming last night (even as I type this, I am watching swimming again). I watched the Men's 4x100M relay. It was one of the most exciting sports events I have seen this year since the Super Bowl. The French team made the mistake of saying they would "smash" the American team and as the last leg started it seemed like it would come true. As they made the last turn and about halfway through the last lap, I thought it was over also. Somehow, the American anchor, Jason Lezak, started to close the gap and ending up edging out the French team by .08 seconds. I was blown away. All the replays, from all the different angles, were shown and I was still in awe every time I watched it. When they made the final turn, Lezak was a full body length behind and closed the gap in the last 50 meters. The American team also broke the world record by 4 seconds. The race was so fast, the 5th place team, without even winning a medal, was fast enough to break the world record. Awesome.

My day today was not that exciting. I Scrambled and then went to work. Work was not that exciting today. I did get to have lunch w/my friend that I work with (I've had lunch w/her before, but have recently been going to lunch more often. I am happy about this, we have good conversations.). We talked about going out to have a drink this week and, after looking at our schedules, determined that sometime in October of 2009 should work out nicely. Stupid conflicting schedules.

Also, I realize that I said I would list my food that I eat daily. I decided that it's a little boring to see that and I also have that calorie counter program that I am using. I might list a weekly count of average calories/fat/carbs. When I start the diet, which will be September 1, I will be listing more of the changes in my eating habits and workout routine. For now, I will just ramble about the Olympics and going out and other stuff. Enjoy.