Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 25

Today - 1.0, total - 26.4

SO SWEET. Not only am I 1/4 of the way done with this lifestyle change, but I have broken through the plateau. I am 25% of the way through and I am still ahead of the 1 pound a day. Stepping on the scale this morning and seeing the weight loss, I was so happy. I really feel like I am making huge strides in this. I am eating such good food and I feel great working out. I realize a lot of these blogs have started to sound repetitive, and I am sorry, but I am not sure what else to talk about.

Ok, so, 25 days ago, I was 26.4 pounds heavier, I was a little nervous about this whole diet and I really didn't know what to expect. Going back through the last 25 days, I can see how far I have come. I feel different, which I can't quantify, but I can definitely tell. I don't want to drink alcohol, I don't feel tired, I don't sweat as much (working out not included), and I feel satisfied with what I am eating. My good friend from college (who is a nutritionist), told me that "bored eating leads to binge eating" recently and it concerned me. I don't want to fall off the wagon and lose the progress I have made, but when I think about it, I am loving what I am eating and really kind of surprised I am losing weight still. It makes this diet so easy. Also, I went to a website to see what my BMI (Body Mass Index) is now, and what it was, and I was shocked to see it has already gone done 4 points. Obviously, I am still above the point I want to be, but after 25 days, I am 4 points closer to getting to a good number.

I read something when I was in high school, and I am pretty sure it is true, but I was thinking about it today at work. For every pound overweight a person is, there is an extra mile of blood vessels and capillaries that the body produces to supply blood to that pound. With the weight I have lost, that is a marathon's length of blood vessels and capillaries that I have lost. This means my heart has to pump a little less as my blood does not have to travel as far. It is a weird thing to think that there are 26.4 miles less of blood vessels and capillaries in my body, and that is just a bit longer than a marathon, but like I said before, I get bored at work a lot.

25%. 1/4. Bring it on.


Michael Friedl said...

Wow, I never heard that "mile a pound" stat, but it sure makes sense. Congrats at breaking through the plateau!

Michael Friedl said...

One more thought - you are well on your way, and when you hit your goal, I hope you will submit your story to the Men's Health "Belly Off Club". Real stories about real guys like you
- I think it's where Jared the Subway guy got his start.

Matthew said...

Way to go Sascha! Keep it up.

Jackie said...

wow, 25 days and already 26 lbs gone! I should learn from you! (I found your blog through Wen's) Way to go!