Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 27

Today - 0.8, total - 28.0

So today was the big day. Paddle-boarding. I did not succeed. I pretty much spent the day falling off the board, swallowing salt water and swimming back to the shore. I really have no ability to balance. I think I should have known better because I almost fall off the treadmill every time I use it. And it isn't like I lose my balance once or twice on the treadmill, I have to pay attention or I could fall off any minute. Paddle-boarding was not pretty. By the end of the day, I got the hang of it a little. Instead of standing, I was sitting on the board and paddling that way. It was actually fun, and I am going to try again tomorrow. There will be pictures, but I have not received them yet.

As for the diet, it is going well. I am back to losing weight, and I am still ahead of the 1 pound a day curve. I am not sure why, but eating fruit has started to affect my negatively. The last few times I have eaten an apple, I have had really bad stomach pains. I didn't eat an apple today, and I felt fine all day. I have to tweak what I am eating again so that I am still getting some fruit in my diet.

That is all for today, after my morning walk and the paddle-boarding, I am tired.