Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 39

Today - 0.6, total - 37.6

Today was a good day. I had the day off so I went on a hike with RM and did laundry. The hike was really good while laundry was boring. The hike was long, but I made it through. We hiked in the Aliso and Wood Canyons Park. I have never been there, but it is beautiful. The hike ended up being exactly 6.0 miles and we walked it in just over 2 hours. I was really impressed by this because the first half of the hike is mainly uphill and there are parts that are really tough, but I pushed through it and made sure that there was only minimal resting. For the most part, we kept moving, and we only stopped to take pictures. This again reinforced that I am able to recover faster. RM even noticed that when I was going uphill, I was breathing hard, but when we got to flatter areas, I was breathing easier pretty fast.

Alright, enough boring reading, here are the pics:

This is the first part, we walked through the park to get to the trail.

Entering the trails, I still have no clue about
what I am getting into at this point.
After the main climb, up the Cholla Trail, which was the hardest part,
this is the view overlooking the 73 from the top part of the trail.

Me in front of the Saddleback mountains.
This was about 1/4 of the way through the hike. We are overlooking Laguna Canyon Road
(I hate driving on that road, but I enjoyed looking at everyone else suffering on it).
The only wildlife we saw on the hike was a bunny
(I was pretty happy we did not come across any snakes or cougars).
I am pointing at the hill I do not want to walk up. It was tough to get
up that hill as it is pretty steep and I had been climbing a lot already.

This is me hating RM for taking pics of me walking up the hill.

The view from the Top of the World (who knew it was in Orange County),
and also the halfway point of the hike (the view is a lot better without the haze).
Me realizing that we are only halfway done.
Right before we headed back down towards the end of the walk,
the view of where we had been.
And finally, the end. This was my favorite part.

And that is it for this post. RM took some video of the hike which I still need to go through. I am going to add it tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

When I eventually vist you, were doing that hike, looks like some awesome views.


MamaWise said...


Hello from a Prarie school friend. Glad I found you on Facebook. I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work, and I will be keeping up with your progress on your blog. Thanks for blogging about your journey and inspiring others to do the same.


Anonymous said...

so i'm totally addicted to your blog - and i read half of it before understanding it was you!

keep it up, yo. you're doing great.