Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 41 & 42

Net loss - 0.6, total - 40.6

I could not post last night as my internet decided not to work. I am not sure what the problem was, but there was nothing I could do. So, it is Sunday and I am watching the Chicago Bears game. Since I live in Southern California, the powers that be do not show the Bears here very often, so this is making me really happy to watch the game. Now if they could win, that would be even better. I changed my schedule a little bit for the game. I was going to go for a long walk today, but I woke up late, so I cut my walk in half (so I can watch this game), and I will go for another walk after the game.

Speaking of my walks. I had to work yesterday, so I woke up early and went for my walk yesterday morning like normal. I was not aware of what the weather was when I left and I nearly froze. Before I continue this, I have to say, it is not very often that I complain about being cold. Since I am large man, it is almost like I carry around my own personal heater and I do not get cold. One example of this follows: A few friends and I decided to go to Disneyland (which, according to rumor, is the happiest place on earth.....that does not sell beer) a couple Decembers ago. December in the OC is a lot different from December in Chicago (where I am from), so I wore a t-shirt and jeans. My friends wore hoodies and complained about the cold, but I thought it was ok. In fact, I noticed people there wearing scarves, mittens and even winter coats. I thought it was really weird, especially when we left and the temperature in the car said 55 degrees (13 degrees Celsius). That day I was not cold. Yesterday, I was FREEZING. My hands were numb and even my toes started to get cold. I did not like it, but when I made it to the top of the hill, the sun was out and it warmed up a little. I was still so cold, I didn't sweat which is very odd for me.

As for the diet, here are some pics.
This is from the first day of the diet.

This is from today.

I continue to be amazed at what I am doing and how well it is going. I was not really sure how I would react to this diet when I started, or even how well I would do. 6 weeks in, 41 pounds lighter, stronger and more energetic. I feel so good. What can you do in 6 weeks?


Shalini said...

In 6 weeks, I could tape all your asses together. Or I could find a new team to root for. 11 seconds?? really?? and you can't even do that?? i shouldn't be surprised. the entire game was played in a coma. why should the last 11 seconds be any different?? i blame your mother. don't EVER call to say good game until the game is fucking OVER!!! she's not allowed to watch anymore games. did she learn nothing from the super bowl?? i have to kill someone now. sean, i'm looking in your direction.

saschablog100 said...

@ Shalini,
I know, it was so upsetting about the game. They were so close to winning and then shat the bed. But they are showing really good signs this year and are doing so much better than I thought they would. Go Bears.