Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 48

Today - 0.2, total - 44.6

HAHAHA. If you didn't read it, read my sister Shalini's lovely comment from the post yesterday (thanks for that sis). I know I need to put things in perspective sometimes, but I usually forget to do that. Today was a really good day. I admit, last night, when I was posted, I was pissed, but it had nothing to do with the diet. It is of no consequence what happened, I am over it now.

Today was really good though. Work was the same old same old, nothing new in that really. However, we were having a big sale. Let me backtrack a little. Before the diet, I was too big to shop at normal stores for clothes. Unfortunately, XXL shirts and size 42 pants just didn't cut it, which is what most stores carry. I had to shop at the Big & Tall stores (when I would shop, which was not often, I would always just say I went to the mall and that I couldn't remember what store I went to). A couple weeks ago, when I noticed I could wear smaller clothes, and wear them well, I started looking at the clothing at my store. Obviously, since the clothes didn't fit me before, I never bothered looking. Now, I admit, I am always looking at what we have and what I would like.

As my friend from cosmetics was leaving, I asked her to help me shop for some clothes. When we got upstairs, she asked me what my style was and I had no answer. Because I couldn't find clothes before, I always just wore t-shirts and jeans (now I have to think about style....brutal). As we were looking around and trying things on, I was blown away at the clothes that fit me now (we also had a lot fun with it and I cannot wait to lose more and go shopping again). Granted, some clothes still fit small and just don't work, but some of the clothes fit well and looked good. I felt so good about that and I really felt compelled to start pushing more on this diet. I think I am hitting a small plateau again, and the only thing to tweak now is that I have to do more when I work out. I am doing so well and need to not only maintain, but do more.

Whoo, ok, so after all that, I bought a shirt and tie and a sweater. Admittedly, I have never been a sweater guy, but a few more pounds to go and it will look really good. What a good day after yesterday. Who would have thought trying on clothes would do that.

Finally, to "Anonymous" who left the YouTube video for me to watch yesterday. Thank you for that, it was a good video. But who are you? Feel free to email me at:


Shalini said...

Um, you're not a sweater guy? Do you not remember the Bill Cosby sweater phase?? Good for you. Just don't buy too many because you're going to be changing sizes a lot. I'm so proud of you. I listened to your radio show. Well, the first half. It was hard to get past what a tool that guy is. And, did you know you were on a show that makes prank Pakistani phone calls about 7-11? I don't think that's something you want to be associated with. Keep me posted.

sanjay r singhal said...

What is this radio show? I'm wildly curious! Is it on youtube?
Sascha, don't buy any clothes until I get to California; I'm truly the only person in this famiily who has any (POLO) fashion sense....did someone say Burberry? I really have to say, however, that I'm really, really very proud of you and what you've accomplished. Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see you in November! Maybe we can go bigfoot hunting together....oh, wait....;-)