Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 82

Today - 1.8, total loss - 66.8

I had a good number today. I was really happy because it pushes me further along. This diet has been going so well, I almost don't want it to end. It is because of these new thoughts, I have made some plans for next year already. I am going to take 25 days off the diet and try to maintain the weight I am at. Not try to lose and definitely not gain. I will continue to work out everyday and see how my body reacts to a more normal diet. I will not go crazy, well, I am sure a few days will be over the top, but if I gain, I know that I need to go back to salads to lose those extra pounds. In the New Year, I am going to start another 100 Day Challenge to lose the rest of the weight. My goal right now is to lose 125 pounds total. I think I will lose between 75 and 80 pounds on this 100 Day Challenge, making the goal of the 2nd 100 days about 45-50 pounds provided I can maintain my weight. If I make my goal, I will have lost 125 pounds in 225 days. This is a pretty hefty goal, but I am already half way there in 1/3 of the days. It is so amazing. Where I started this diet and where I am now are so different. I have come so far and I know if I keep pushing myself, there is no reason why I can't keep going.

That being said, I am going to dress up as Santa tonight. I have to admit, I am excited. If you happen to be in, or near, Newport Beach, CA tonight, feel free to come by Fashion Island and see me.

I will post pics.


Shalini said...

good for you sascha. you've already proven you can do it, there's no reason you can't go all the way. everything in moderation...

Michael Friedl said...

Sascha - I really love your goal-setting. It's this kind of thinking that will get you to the finish line in fine fashion - and keep you there for the rest of your life!