Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 77 - 81

Net loss - 3.0, total loss - 65.0

The net loss on this post is a little misleading. I had a big gain after Saturday night, but it was for a good reason. Saturday night, I had dinner with some friends I used to work with and AA (luckily, she wasn't nervous). It was an amazing dinner, we had beef tenderloin, barley, and these bacon rice creations. It was all really good, but made me gain some weight. Somehow, that weight disappeared Monday though. I am not exactly sure what I did, but I dropped a lot that day.

Last night, I went out with some friends to dinner. I ate a lot more carbs than I normally eat, and even had dessert (REALLY GOOD). We had this prosciutto wrapped shrimp and chocolate mousse that was really good.

Nothing that exciting has been happening. I have been working out twice a day, which is part of the reason I have not been able to post. I have been thinking a lot about this diet though. For example, the past 2 weeks have been tough because I have been in the same 10 pounds range and every time I seem to drop a few pounds, they come right back. I realize now, that a 1/2 pound gain is not that serious. I really need to stop looking at where I am going and one bad day, I need to appreciate how far I have come and realize that I need to keep working. One day at a time...