Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Dirty Thirty Party

I am in Wisconsin drinking a 40 (that's right, I had to roll to the sto' to pick up a 4-0) as I type this. Today is going to be a great day. I made the mistake of staying up late last night (technically, I think it might have been morning when I went to sleep) and was a little late getting going today. I went to Antioch and had lunch with a friend from college that I will call Hanna. I was trying to remember the last time I saw her and really have no idea when that was. I am thinking it has been around 5 years. It was good to have lunch with Hanna and catch up. Hopefully, it will not be 5 years before I see her again.

Tonight is THE party. Dirty Thirty. We are going to Sunnyside (or as it should be called, Scummyside). I have a long and storied history with this bar. In fact, one of the people I am drinking 40's with, Fordy, and I used to go there all the time. I used to go there with Big Mike too, but he will not be able to make it tonight, unfortunately. There are many stories about this place, getting kicked out, getting cut off, whatnot, but those I don't really need to tell. This should be an interesting time.

I leave tomorrow for the road trip, and I am so excited about it. The next blog will be from Pittsburgh.