Monday, August 25, 2008

Road Trip Day #1

The party last night went really well. It was especially fun to see Fordy steal a shot off the bar and turn around and walk away. At the end of the night, I decided that we needed a bottle of champagne. It wasn't a regular bottle, but a magnum (we used to buy magnums of champagne for $10 and drink them at Scummy. Granted, it was always a good idea to buy the champagne, at the time, but after the first glass, we would have to force ourselves to finish it.). When we left, I grabbed a bottle for him, and did not think too much about it. We went back to my best friends house (with White Castle, I don't have that in California so I eat as much of it as I can when I come back home......mmmmm sliders). I repeatedly said how I procured the bottle for my friend and that he should drink it. He did not drink it. Neither did I. Nor did anyone as we were too busy shoving as much White Castle in our faces as we could. It was only in the morning that I realized that I did not grab champagne, I accidentally grabbed a bottle of red wine (which was literally labeled as "Soft Red Wine"). I am very happy we decided not to drink any of it.

Today, we left for the 2008 version of the Baseball Road Trip (we being me, Gootch, Roy and Chachi). Driving from Chicago to Pittsburgh is not that exciting. Gootch and I were in the back seat and had wars with our water bottles. We stopped in Ohio to eat and got assaulted with a wide variety of life forms we were not familiar with. Seeing a group of Amish eating Burger King is a site that will not easily be repeated. I think we only got really scared when Chachi and I saw the guy with 1 eye. When we got here, we went to a few bars and ended up at the hotel bar. Our hotel is across the street from PNC Park and tomorrow we will see the Pirates play the Cubs.

There has been much discussion about this blog and what I should post on it. Obviously, a lot of it will not be posted, but I have many ideas now. Take care and there will be more tomorrow about the baseball game and this trip.


lovesocks said...

The idea of those sliders excites me almost as much as the fact that we got new kneesocks yesterday. Trip sounds good so far, your funnies are greatly missed.

Michael Friedl said...

Gotta love the Ohio wildlife! Go Tribe!!!