Monday, August 25, 2008

Road Trip Day #2

I woke up this morning spooning an ironing board. The more I thought about the opening line of this blog, the more I thought I should explain it. Here goes.......The first time I went to Las Vegas, all 3 guys I am on my current road trip with were in Vegas with me. One afternoon, resting between drinking/gambling/debauchery sessions, Chachi was sleeping on a chair in the room. He started snoring (I really can't blame him for this, I snore like a lumberjack, but as I was awake at the time, I detested the excessive noise). As we wanted to rest before the night out, we decided that the only way to stifle the noise was to put the potted tree and unfolded ironing board next to the chair. That did not work. Thus, the ironing board in bed with people sleeping began.

Not very much happened last night. We searched for bars that were open but soon realized that there were very few Pittsburghians that wanted to drink on a Sunday night. We ended up at the hotel bar and drank our fill. This morning, after waking up with an ironing board, we went to get food. As we were across the street from the ballpark, we went to the closest bar for food. The very uninterested waiter/bartender got our order wrong (Oh, that's right, when I ordered the Mushroom Swiss Burger, I actually meant the Bacon Cheddar Burger), but the fries were really good.

After that bar, we walked across the river (Allegheny River), and went to the hotel where the Cubs are staying. We saw a few of the players leave on the bus. This was a exciting, but felt vaguely stalkerish. After that, we went back to the hotel to rest up for the game.

We went to the stadium and we were impressed. Pittsburgh clearly decided that the stadium was worth more than their team. There were so many Cubs fans I determined that we were in Wrigley Field East. For a home stadium, it was empty. The majority of the people there were rooting for the Cubs. The Cubs were in great form tonight and destroyed the Pirates 12-3. We were very happy about this and celebrated like any Cubs fans would.

We went to a bar with some Canadians that were also Cub's fans. I love the fact that there are Cub's fans everywhere. Tomorrow we drive to New York. This might not be that coherent, but it has been a long day.