Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Road Trip Day #3

New York, New York, it's a hell of a town, you know the Bronx is up but I'm Brooklyn down. It's the New York day of this road trip and we are exhausted. Pittsburgh showed us a good time last night after the Cubs batting practice, but we had no idea what was in store today. This is an exceptionally late blog for me, but I feel like I have to get it in. We drove this morning, sorry, I drove this morning while everyone slept, to New York. It was an uneventful drive other than the fact that Pennsylvania is all trees. There are miles and miles of rolling hills COVERED in trees. Trees as far as the eye can see for the entire state. I am pretty sure that the state is all trees except for Philly, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. Also, a lot of the towns end in "burg" which is a side note most won't care about.

We got to NY and showered and read and made our way to Yankee Stadium. This was an easy feat by the simple use of the subway (LA, I am looking at you). The game was, in all honesty, not that exciting. I think that we were way too excited about the fact we were seeing a Red Sox-Yankees game to get emotionally involved in the outcome. After a few beers, and me falling asleep in the seats, we decided to leave. As a side note, in Pittsburgh, we were 8 rows from the field and in NY, we were 4 rows from the top of the stadium. It is a drastic changed in perspective, but I still took some good pictures.

After the game, we went out. Bar hopping in Times Square is not that difficult, regardless of what people say. In fact, it was cheaper than I thought. I bought a round, 2 beers and 2 mixed drinks, for less than $30. Not too shabby. By the time we hit the 3rd bar, it was officially my birthday. Gootch and I did a shot of Patron. By the time Roy and Chachi decided they were actually men enough to do a shot, we took down some Jager. I am beginning to think that was a bad idea. Wait, no, scratch that, Jager was the best possible option at that point. The only reason for that is because a song came on from the jukebox that riled up Gootch. In fact, it got him so upset, we made a wager on who sang the song and I won. He owes me money and he is bitter and I am happy. He is going to read this and be pissed, but he should have known better.

At this point, I have the Roy cacophony in the background and I know I need to go to sleep. The next blog will be from Philly. Take care.


Michael Friedl said...

Two things:

1. Pennsylvania has way too many trees. And Steelers fans.

2. Good use of "cacophony." Way to pull out the big vocab guns after a long day. Well played.

Michael Friedl said...

Oh, and a third thing:

3. Happy Birthday!