Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Missed Yesterday

I missed a day on this blog. My bad. I really have no excuse. We got back from Philly around midnight Thursday night. I ended staying at Chachi's house that night. After we woke up, he took me to my best friends house. I did nothing yesterday. I scrambled a little bit and rewrote the blog that got deleted. I was actually on the blog yesterday but did not add one as the font HTML was messed up. This is why the 2 blogs before this do not look normal. Also, because of the font oddities, I could not add pics. I will add pics when I get back to California.

Yesterday, my best friend (M...), and I hung out for awhile, but as he was working from home, I took his 2 kids (he has 2 stepchildren, 9 and 14 years old) to Dairy Queen for Blizzards. I felt that it was a good idea to have some ice cream before the diet started. After that, M... and his wife (Bell) were doing stuff around the house so I was taking care of Baby Dre (the Goddaughter). I really have never been very good around children, even my nephews. Little children make me nervous as they are very fragile. Even holding my niece on her christening, I was a little apprehensive. I don't know what it is about Baby Dre, but I am very comfortable holding her. Of course, she is really cute, so that helps. And she is a really calm baby, as long as you are holding her and walking around. In fact, as I was walking her around yesterday she fell asleep in my arms. Ridiculous.

After much trash talking and a little Madden '09, we watched a movie and called it a day. Today we are going to BBQ at M...'s house. Bell is in the kitchen now making Potato Salad. That will be all for now, I might try to post again today afterwards, and if not, tomorrow.