Monday, September 1, 2008

This is the End

This blog is a day late (and a dollar short). The BBQ on Saturday at M...'s house was fun because a lot more people showed up than I thought would. M... made some fantastic burgers we had Deviled Eggs. Always a good combo. M... and I felt the need to drink more than we should have and stayed up to play Madden (he lost). There is a lot that could be said about that day, but more has happened since.

We woke Sunday morning feeling like stir-fried ass. I realized that as it was my last Sunday, I chose the best possible breakfast to have, McDonald's. I really think that they must use some addictive substance in the McGriddle because it is so ridiculously good. It is almost unfair that there could be any food that tasty. Anyway, after breakfast and a few inappropriate comments, M... and I were forced to attend our Fantasy Football Draft (as opposed to phoning it in). This was the first time in 4 years I was able to attend the draft as I live in California and everyone else lives in and around Chicago. Our league is big enough that we have 2 conferences. M... and I are in different leagues, so we stayed for the whole thing. As we were eating pizza and drinking beer all day, by the end, we could not wait to get out of there and go to White Castle. What a great last meal. We went to M...'s house and M..., Bell and I hung out for a little bit with one of Bell's friends.

Sunday was the last day to eat/drink anything I wanted. I felt a little like someone on death row, except for the fact that the next day brought about a new healthier life instead of death. I am lucky to have the support here and I know that the people who put their goals on the whiteboard will work as hard as they can to meet those goals. I am really excited for this diet to start. I didn't want to leave Chicago, or leave the lifestyle I had grown accustom to, but I know that as the 1st approaches, I will be prepared and it will be necessary.