Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 1 (these titles will be a lot easier now)

This is a day late as well. I know I have to blog again today to catch up and I will. I started THE Diet today. Waking up at M...'s house on the last day of my vacation, hungover, and it being the first diet day, it was really hard to not eat something. I decided to wait until I got to the airport and had a smoothie. The plane ride was not that exciting until, when asleep, I determined that the club soda I was drinking should be knocked off and soak my right leg. It is not fun to be stuck on a plane and have one leg soaked. Luckily, it was club soda, so it cleaned itself.

I got home and went out to by a new cell phone and groceries. I realized soon after getting to the grocery store, lists are good to have. I bought a lot of fruit and vegetables and chicken and brown rice. The food I eat will not be that exciting or tasty, but I know I will like the results and have to stay focused on that. After a snack, I went for a walk. I've been a couple walks around my place, but decided to walk further this time. Unfortunately, the extended part of the walk was all uphill, but I know that whole 100 days will be uphill, so I have to just take it one step at a time and focus on what is right in front of me.

I realized yesterday was a day of firsts. First day of September. First day of the diet. First time I walked past McDonald's. First time buying mass amounts of fruits and vegetables. The first step out of the door on the way to the first walk. The first time I felt I wanted to give up and go home. The first time I fought through the urge to quit and kept going. The first weigh-in.

I am excited about this process and happy that it is finally here.


Michael Friedl said...

Right on, Sascha! Good start!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy I'm proud of you and anything you need you, let me know!


Laura said...

Saschafrasch, I am really excited for you, this will be a challenge, but it is a challenge that I know you are up to!!