Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day 2

Wow, what a day. I'm kidding, it was kind of boring. I am still in the process of trying to set up this diet, my food, my exercise, my website, everything. I think I am going about it the right way. The one HUGE block in that path is that I cannot get my laptop to go online. There is no reason for this. My laptop, every so often, decides that the internet is boring and refuses to connect. Seeing as I have all my information on that and I want to use that one computer alone (instead of the one I am typing this blog on), I have to figure that out.

I went to my Dirty Martini's house today and went over the diet and took measurements. Wow, nothing is more depressing than being fat and taking measurements. After that, she shaved my head. Not bald, but very short. I was considering shaving my goatee for this as well, but seeing my shaved head, decided against. We did have some fun shaving my head. She shaved the top of my head and left the sides so I looked like Bozo the Clown....and we took pictures. Good times (and yes, she did eventually shave all of it).

After the haircut we went for a walk. Dirty Martini claims the walk was 4 miles, but I think she might be wrong. I did some rudimentary calculations using the angle of the sun, triangulation, and the position of Saturn and determined that the trip was closer to 6 miles (and that I need to return Triangulation: It's More Than Just Pretty Pictures). I thinked I mentioned the uphill nature of my walk yesterday, but California is truly amazing. We were able to walk uphill at the beginning of the walk, and at the end as well. I actually felt like an old man complaining to some young whippersnapper about how he had to walk to school uphill both ways. WE DID IT. We walked uphill leaving and uphill returning. Granted, we made a circle and did walk down a big hill in the middle of the walk, but that doesn't matter.

As for the diet, it went well. I felt like I ate a lot today, but it was almost all fruits and vegetables. Thank you to everyone showing support. Please keep leaving comments and reading.


Shalini said...

good job sascha. i have some good recipes for chicken if you want. i know it can get kind of boring. hang in there. the 3rd day is the WORST. at least you're exercising. that's most important.

Lyli said...

Way to go, Sascha! Keep up the good work - you may be my idol one day! =o)