Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 3

UUUgghhh. I made it through the day, but it was not easy. Much thanks to those leaving comments, please keep posting. Today, was not that bad. I worked for the first time since my vacation and was very happy it was not busy. I made all my salads for the week last night, so all I had to do was make breakfast this morning. I am not a fan of fruits and vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I really don't like it, but when I step on the scale, I like it. I know the long term is more important than the short term so I have to keep going.

After work, I went to the gym to walk on a treadmill. I know this is an old joke, but it still amazes me that people will try to get the closest possible parking spot in the gym parking lot (even driving around a few minutes to find it), and then go in the gym and walk on a treadmill. I do it too, so maybe it's not that weird. I felt like 2 days of hills called for a day of flat walking. I was wrong. I forgot the mental concentration and willpower it takes to stay on a treadmill for an hour. Walking outside, even with the hills, is easier because even if you want to bail out, you still have to walk back home. On a treadmill, you can hit stop and just walk to your car (which, if the cards align, is as close as possible to the entrance to the gym). Tomorrow, I am going to walk outside again. Below is a break down of my thoughts for my hour on the treadmill:

60 minutes to go (MTG): Feels good, glad I came here, 1 hour to go.

59.34 MTG: Must cover the timer or I will stare at it the whole time.

55 MTG: Am I done yet? I'm feeling tired.

50 MTG: My legs hurt, my shins are starting to feel it, how much longer?

45 MTG: 1/4 done, in 3 minutes, 30% done, 2 minutes after that 1/3 done, I think I can, I think I can, but my shins hurt a lot more now.

42 MTG: Starting to sweat, I should have picked the treadmill under the fan. This will not turn out well. I think my legs are broken, my shins are screaming.

40 MTG: Seriously, I'm in pain (my legs appear to be intact somehow), let's check the pulse, 159, not bad.

30 MTG: Where did that last 10 minutes go, I must be passing out. I am glad this treadmill has rails on the side or I would have fallen off like 15 times. Why can't I balance? Is one leg shorter than the other? Is the room tilted? I must investigate when I am done.

28 MTG: I am in pain, I am over halfway done, let's just stop now. Pulse 162.

27 MTG: Stop being weak. We got this. We got this. Legs finally warming up and that blister is not a factor.

25 MTG: Sweating a lot.

24 MTG: OK, really...are we there yet?

22 MTG: I can't do this.

20 MTG: 2/3 done, I CAN do this.

15 MTG: I hate exercise. I want a cheeseburger.

12 MTG: Sweating even more. I can feel the sweat bead up on my forehead after I wipe it. Gross. Both shirts I am wearing are wet. Next time, I am using the treadmill by the fan.

10 MTG: Alright, 5/6 done, we can do this. Pulse 169.

4 MTG: What is longer, the first 40 minutes or the last 4 minutes? I think it might be the last 4 minutes.

1 MTG: Finally.

1 hour done: Nice, I knew I could do it, now just 5 minutes of cool down.

I have to re-assess the mental willpower it takes to do this. I know I can, I just have to stay on the path for one more step, one more minute, one more pound, one more vegetable, one less temptation at a time. 97 days left.


Night sweats in men said...

I'm glad to read your experiences and the way you are achieving your goal. For me your post has been inspirational. Keep it up!

Matthew said...

I am picturing you walking on a treadmill with a notepad to record your internal monologue.

Keep your head up, you are doing great stuff here. Be the ball.

Michael Friedl said...

Wow, that is MAJOR willpower. I don't think I've ever made it through an entire hour on a treadmill. Awesome!

Lyli said...

OMG - you had me laughing so hard I cried. That's exactly why I don't do the treadmill. Congrats, Uncle Big Man - you're doing great!!!

Shalini said...

stop whining and just do it already. jk.
you have to find the treadmill in front of the TV and if your gym doesn't have one, find a new gym. oh, and don't stand in front of the one showing the food network. counterproductive...

Anna said...

I personally love to watch the food
network while working out. Fantasizing about all the food you can't have somehow makes the hour go by quicker!!!Keep up the good work