Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 4

I am exhausted. Really. Tired. I think my treadmill travesty from last night wore me out. I have these massive cobwebs in my legs that are killing me. I think I underestimated some things. Let's see, my job requires me to be on my feet, and walking around, 8 hours a day. I have gotten used to that, but then I took 12 days off. Instead of easing back into work, I decided to start working out, walking on a treadmill and uphill both ways. I am sore. I went for a walk this morning before work. Bad idea. I also knew that I needed some more exercise today so I did some laps in the Large Department Store where I work. I was actually doing figure 8's, one loop around the pots and pans and the other loop around the escalators. I have to admit, after about 10 circuits, I was in pain. I kept going, but, not very fast. No one stopped me to ask what I was doing.

I know by next week, I won't feel anything, and will be in the full swing of this, but for now, I want to whine. Get over it. Actually, I think when I went walking with Dirty Martini, I caught a little whine from her. She has it bad and it must be contagious. I think I will feel better soon.

My food has gotten a little more exciting, as all I have been eating since I started has been fruits and vegetables with a few hard-boiled eggs thrown in. Knowing I had other food in the fridge waiting for me, when I got back from my walk, sweating ridiculously again (as a side note, I figured once I got home, that would be it, no more sweating....I was wrong. I feel like I should get a headband or something, but it will just be a sloppy mess when I am done working out and apparently even worse 45 minutes after I am done working out), I made some food. I had some chicken breasts and some brown (yeah, that's right) rice. I marinated the chicken, and cut all the pieces in half and made the rice. After bbqing, I had half a chicken breast, about a cup of brown rice and an apple and some celery. It was so good, but the rice was a little bland. I saved the extra chicken so I will have some chicken (look at him, he loves it) the next few days. Sweet.

I am going to try to wake up early tomorrow so I can walk before work again tomorrow. This is painful, like I said, but I have to keep going. I have a goal and I have a plan. 4 days done.


R said...

Keep rockin, Sas. Don't overdo the exercise at first, buy a bike, come to terms with egg beaters. Quinoa is a tasty alternative to brown rice (has more protein, tastes better). Get a Costco membership, buy 18 tilapia fillets, freeze them in 2-fillet bags, make an envelope out of aluminum foil. Into envelope insert: 2 thawed fillets, juice of 1 lime, 1/2 tsp of olive oil (cayenne, dill, cracked black pepper, other spices encouraged). Make envelope airtight. Grill envelope on med-high heat for ~10 minutes. Towards the end, open the envelope so that your sauce reduces. Serve over quinoa w/ a pinch of salt for flavor. That’s my “lose pounds before a show” meal.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up Sascha. I know you can do it! Love reading your blog.