Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 5

Clever title, I know. I am very creative. Alright, I am feeling pretty good. My legs are not hurting much, if at all. I think I started this workout/diet at an advantage. I have been thinking about this process and the diet I was on before and I think I should explain:

About 3.5 years ago, I moved to California from Chicago (It wasn't actually Chicago proper, but no one has heard of Winthrop Harbor). I move to LA and worked in an office training for the job that made me relocate. My boss there hooked me up with a physical trainer and I began a diet/workout plan. I remember it very clearly. I was in brutal shape, worse than when I started this diet. My trainer told me I could only eat fruits and vegetables and only drink water, no meat, dairy, salad dressing, fried food etc. I thought he was crazy, but the results were fast and impressive. When I started that diet, I was very sedentary. I worked at a desk and did not exercise at all. The pain in my legs and body lasted for about a week before I felt comfortable and I could do very little when I first started.

As much as I hate my job, more on that later, I think it's helping me on this diet. For the past 9 months, I have been on my feet 40 hours a week, walking around a lot and staying relatively active (granted, I would come home and sit on my couch, but I wasn't sitting at a desk all day). So when I started this, I thought it would be brutal, but I have jumped into it pretty well. I like walking and I feel like the walk I take by my place should be extended. I am adapting well and I am very happy with how the diet has progressed in a very short time. 5 days, 5 workouts, 5 days of healthy eating. It is very early in the program and I need to pace myself.

As for my job, there are times, I get very annoyed and sometimes very amused. I will not whine about how it annoys as I am not sure if the customers at our particular store are less than average intelligence or if they don't try. One amusing story is that I actually had a customer tell me that she wanted something shipped to an island and that she couldn't drive to the island because the island was surround by water. Let that marinate, I'll wait.......Ready? I felt that I could not let the opportunity pass and inquired if the island was surrounded completely by water. She said it was. Ridiculous.

That is all for today. Have a good one, 1/20 done.

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Anonymous said...

hey sascha, its me sandra. my husband and i just read your 5 day memoir. about the mcgriddles, i heard they were laced with trace amounts of pure columbian flake....mmmm.....booger sugar. anywho, keep up the good work, its only going to get easier from here on out. the hard part was making the decision to actually make the life change. peace out.......mmmm...nose candy.

p.s. my husband knows the burning shins feeling as well, next time don't work out in "fuck me" pumps. toodles.