Thursday, August 28, 2008

Road Trip Day #5

It has been a long week. We all woke up this morning just exhausted. After showering and reading (reading something brutal and probably illegal in most states), we left our hotel. We wanted to have 1 more Philly cheesesteak, so we went to Geno's again. Seriously, best cheesesteaks ever. Ever. Anywhere. So good. After eating, we started the drive. This is by far the worst leg of the trip. We're all tired and Philly is nowhere close to Chicago. We decided the best way to endure the trip was to bring extra cheesesteaks. We each bought 2, but Gootch bought 6. Such a good idea. So the timeline looks like this:

12.30 pm: Get to Geno's and buy cheesteaks.

12.35 pm: Finish first cheesesteak and head to car.

12.45 pm: On the road, thinking about the cheesesteaks.

3.45 pm: A fter 3 hours of driving, we stop for a rest and we had a cheesesteak.

6.45 pm: 2nd rest stop and last cheesesteak. This stop was in Ohio. We didn't even make to Indiana with cheesesteaks (and really, 6 hours after the purchase, the cold cheesesteak was still better than any other cheesesteak I had had prior to the trip).

As we were out of cheesesteaks, the rest of the drive was a blur. I slept some, to the annoyance of Gootch and Roy, my bad. We made it back to Chachi's house by midnight.

Overall, not a bad trip. 27 hours of driving, 6 states (7 including inebriation), 3 baseball games at 3 different stadiums, massive amounts of beer, NY's best pizza, Philly's (and the world's) best cheesesteak and a lot of memories. I can't wait for next years trip.


Anonymous said...

For anyone who may read this, He's not kidding these are the best Philly Cheese Steaks anywhere! I thought Gootch was kidding when he bought 6 but we really should have bought at least 6 more! I want a cheese steak right now!