Friday, August 15, 2008

The Nomadic Lifestyle

Yesterday, I said I was hanging out at a friends house before work. I decided not to go home and then to work, so I brought my Large Department Store uniform with me and was going to change there, then go to work. A great idea right? Right? WRONG. I left my house in a hurry and did not evaluate my outfit properly. When I changed, I realized I was wearing pants that are a little too short, white socks and I didn't bring the belt I normally wear when I go to work (I have 2 belts, one for work and one for play, I only had my casual belt with me.). Also, my hair has gotten rather long (I realized a month ago that it was time for a haircut, but then decided that I am going to cut it when I start the diet.), so needless to say, it was a bit disheveled. Please refer to the photo below:

Facebook. I am a fan. I've found that Facebook is a great way to get in touch with people. I have been in contact with people I have not talked to in over 10 years (yes, this is going somewhere). There is one friend in particular, that I knew in High School, I have been talking to that lives in the Bay area, we'll call him RN (not because he is a nurse, those are his initials, but if he were a nurse, a male nurse at that, he would be RN, R.N.). He is the type of friend that I can talk to while using the bathroom. Not many people have reached this status in my life, for obvious reasons, but he is one. RN called me recently and asked what I was doing. I happened to be changing in bathroom at the time, so I replied honestly, "I am not wearing any pants." Once again today, I am at my friends house before work (I dressed for work before leaving my house this time, it's much safer, but my hair is still unruly.), and she called to get an ETA. I had just gotten out of the shower, heard the phone ring and saw it was her so when I answered the phone, again honestly, without saying hello, I said, "I'm not wearing any pants." This got a good response and made me think that I need to answer the phone like this more often. So, if you call me, do not be surprised if you hear, "I am not wearing pants," instead of hello.

Last, but not least, I am a YouTuber. By this, I mean that I like to watch videos on YouTube (it also works that tuber is a type of potato, get it, couch potato, but I digest...). Did I mention I have a video on YouTube ( No? I have a YouTube video ( Ok, back to the story. I was watching the TAPE DELAYED Olympics last night (sorry, I am still a little bitter NBC). I watched Phelps win another gold after READING about it because NBC HATES the West Coast (apparently, I am more bitter than I thought). Anyway, I came across this video that some kid made, and it now has almost 5 million views (come on people, I only have 200, step it up, please). It's a Weird Al song, I know, but I think it's pretty good. So, on that note, enjoy the video and may all your Scrambles be filled with 6-letter words (except you RN, stop cheating).


Anonymous said...

Bow down before my liberal arts education, and tremble at my perspicacity!!! -RN