Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 12

Today - 1.4, total - 20.6

Today was an interesting day. I woke up early to go workout before work. I lifted again at the gym, which was ok, but then I got on the treadmill. First of all, I noticed that my heart rate is adjusting to the walking. For example, on Monday, my heart got up to 173 and averaged 163. Today, it started around 140 and stayed in the 150's. It did not get above 160 until I walked at an incline, which I only did for 5 minutes and only at 2.0. I was walking a little faster than normal today too. I have to say, it feels so good to work out and I feel good after I am done.

The other weird thing that happened on the treadmill happened after I switched machines. The machine I was on did not have a fan, so I switched to the machine that I thought had a fan pointing right at it. I started on that machine and noticed that there were 2 breezes I was enjoying. 1 was from the fan in front, which was actually positioned to hit my treadmill and the one to the left of me, and another was from the ceiling fan behind me. This positioning meant that my front left side and my back were being cooled, but the front right side was not. It is a very weird feeling to have 3/4 of your body in the path of a breeze. I could actually feel the beads of sweat build up on the right side of my forehead and not the left. Very odd. Of course, by the end, neither of the fans mattered.

Work was pretty good, it was slow. I wore my pedometer for the first time. I walked about 6500 steps, or just over 3 miles. I wasn't sure how much to expect, but I did not walk that much today. I didn't do any laps, so I guess 3 miles isn't that bad. (I did reset my pedometer before I took the pic, obviously).

I think that is it for today. Oh yeah, I had my new rice today. It was really good and went well with my burnt chicken. Thanks for both DM.