Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 14

Today - 1.0, total - 21.0

I am back on track. I was so happy/relieved to get on the scale this morning and see the weight going back down (especially after going out to eat last night). I really am starting to like this diet and the workouts. I woke up again and walked (4 miles) before work. It actually makes work easier as far as standing all day and walking around. I walked a total of 6.5 miles today including my morning walk. It doesn't feel like that is that far, but I did go over my daily 10,000 steps. I had to go in early for a meeting today, which really was not that exciting, until my boss announced to everyone that I was on a diet and that I had this blog. It was a little odd, but at least everyone knows now.

Today is Sunday, so football is on again. Unfortunately, the Bears lost today after last weeks huge win over the Colts. These are lazy days, so there is not much to blog about.


Lizzie said...

Hi, I had to come to you again today for support...I am here at the temp job and today instead of donuts they have homemade cookies..........EEEEEE, fortunately, this is my last week here. They have too much food around here and I thought my last job was bad! Tell me this, why do a lot of companies thrive on food? Ok, thanks for continuing your blog - it does make a difference to others, especially me.

Matthew said...

New site looks great, and glad to see all the progress. 21 lbs is amazing. Keep it up.