Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 21

Today - (1.2), total - 25.2

I let myself down today. I had a goal for today that I totally blew last night. I went out with a couple co-workers last night to a BBQ restaurant in Long Beach and I tried to be good, but I had a Caesar Salad. It had grilled chicken on it and I thought it would be ok (I tried to look for the Nutritional info on the salad, but it is not available), but getting on the scale this morning was pretty discouraging. I went for a walk anyway after that, and I think I might go for another one this afternoon to make up for it. I know I took a step backwards and I just have to fight back. I am pretty sure the sandwich I made might have changed what my body was used to, but I think it should be ok.

So, I took pics of the walks I go on in the morning. These pics show why I walk outside as opposed to a treadmill.

This is view into the valley looking at Mission Viejo.
This was taken from the same point, but looking south.

This is the top of the hill looking into the valley.

This is also from the top of the hill, but looking the other way.

This is the hill I walk up now, well, part of it, looking down.

This is the view from 1/3 up the hill looking up.

More of the uphill view.

That is all for this post. I am going to go for another walk after I watch some football.


Michael Friedl said...

Sascha, your weight is going to naturally fluctuate a little. If you think about it, your weight has been down 19 of 21 days so far. That is pretty fantastic. You are doing the right things - don't panic, just keep at it. And weigh yourself tomorrow AFTER a trip to the bathroom!