Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 1 Results

Today was Day 8 and it was a good day. I had the day off and I got a chance to do stuff I have been putting off. I did laundry, made salads/rice/chicken for a couple days, and I finally went through the pics from my camera. Also, for some unknown reason, my laptop decided to work today. This made me happy as I could add the pics from my trip to my laptop. I also had a chance to go to the gym and starting lifting. I didn't really do that much, but I tried to do what I was doing when I was working out before. It felt good, and then I walked for an hour on the treadmill. Walking for an hour on a treadmill is such a mental exercise. The physical part is there too, but it is really hard to stay walking and keep going for an hour. I was able to focus on my music and I kept saying, "One more song, one more song." This hour was better than last time, but not much. I picked a treadmill underneath an oscillating fan, but it did not help that much. Thus, about 15 minutes into it, the sweat began and it didn't end. I mean really, it was pretty bad, but I doubt you want to hear about it. I mean, hear more than I have already said. I feel like I need to drink about a gallon of water to make up for the sweat I lost. OK, enough, moving on.

And now the results. So far, on this diet, I have lost 16 pounds. I am so stoked about the results, but I know this pace will not last. I know that it will slow down and I will need to continue doing what I am doing. I also had my measurements taken again. As far as that goes, I was not really expecting much to change, but I have lost 4 inches off my waist. That is pretty exciting. I am ahead of the pace and fell like I am going to enjoy the results a lot. That is all for today, it is late and I have to get up early so I can go for my walk before work.


wen said...

16 pounds! Good Job!


Sascha, I am so proud of you; best of luck and keep up with the good work! I can't wait to see you at Christmastime with all your weight off!