Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 45

Today - 1.0, total - 43.6

I am still going pretty steady this week, dropping 1 pound a day. I am going to go on that hike again tomorrow and I am excited. I think I will be able to do better this time. What is that you say? I never posted the video I promised of the hike? My bad. I finally got to finish editing it. Please enjoy this video:

Also, I have been looking at some pics, some before-and-after if you will. Just so you can see the difference, I am going to post some pics from today and from New Year's Eve 2006. As for the shirt I am wearing, it stems from a night out with some friends and confusion over shots of tequila (not to mention the Tequila Club) and me trying to reason with our waitress. This is the story as it occurred October 2006 (that I remember):

I went to a Mexican restaurant, Freds, in Dana Point with a few of my friends. We had some beers at bar while we waited for a table. As we had some time to kill, and my ability to do shots and still stand is always in question, we decided to take some tequila shots (and really, a shot of Patron always make a dinner better). We take the shots, get seated and start looking at the menu.

You may not know this about me, but it has been said that I have the attention span of a fly. I usually don't pay attention to any one thing for very long, so needless to say, the menu got boring. As I looked around the restaurant, I noticed one wall covered with some plaques and a bunch of pictures and the phrase (in GIANT letters), "The Tequila Club." I asked our waitress what it was and she explained that it was a list of people who joined and then consumed 1 shot of every type of tequila that they serve. I knew immediately that I had to join and ordered 4 more shots of tequila (I was informed that they only served 5 shots a day to a person for safety reasons as they had 50 varieties of tequila. Not that I would have done 50 shots, but I could have made a big dent in the list that night had there not been a 5 shot rule.). I did not care what the shots were, just the first 4 from the tequila list.

The shots were served in a timely fashion and after a few minutes I had taken 2 of the 4 shots ordered. At this point a young lady walked up to the table and following conversation took place (keep in mind, she was not in any uniform and had no name tag):

Her: I am sorry to inform you that the Tequila Club is no longer active, so I can take these shots back and not charge you, but if you keep them, I have to charge you and I have to charge you for the 2 shots you already did.
Me: Who are you? Do you even work here?
Her: I am the Night Manager, look I have keys.
Me: I have keys too, does that mean I work here?
Her: I have a $1,000 key.
Me: (Excitedly) I HAVE A $1,000 KEY ALSO. (Then there was an awkward pause where she just stared at me, then...) So the waitress does not know there is no more tequila club?
Her: I guess not.
Me: So you're saying she didn't get the memo?
Her: No, she didn't.
Me: It's a pretty important memo, don't you think? Shouldn't it be your job to make sure that everyone know?
Her: It is, but I still have to charge you for the shots if you keep them.
Me: Well, they are already on the table, I will keep them. Make sure everyone gets that memo though.

The waitress came back and tried to explain more, but by that time, I had had 3 shots of tequila and a few beers. I stopped caring, but I was annoyed about them trying to take the shots back. Were they going to dump them out or pour them back in the bottle? If they were going to dump them out and waste them, I should have been able to keep them. I really hope they weren't going to pour them back in the bottle, that would have been nasty. The night was fun anyway, and as a Christmas present, I was given the shirt that I am wearing below.

New Year's Eve 2006, front

New Year's Eve 2006, back

A few months ago

Today, front

Today, back
Not too shabby eh? Also, I talked about a walk with DM during the first week of this that was uphill both ways. I did not like that walk then, but I am going to go on that walk again today with her. I am pretty sure I will not like today either, but it will be a good test to see how much I have changed since I started. I am confident I will do much better today then I did 6 weeks ago. More on that tomorrow....


OpalStorm said...

Sasha, I heard you on the show last night with JFrancis... you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Great video! Loved your choice of music. Oh, and the camera work was stunning. - RM

Vivian said...

Sacha - You LOOK SOOO NICE !
I can REALLY tell the difference now from before & after contrast!

keep going ! And we are here to back u up~

saschablog100 said...

@ opalstorm
Thanks for that. remember to tune in next tuesday, i will be on the show, and keep reading.

jake247 said...


Saw the video ... great job!
RM - keep your day job :)

Yes. I'm kidding ... although I did recognize your lilting tones.

Next time you go up there, have RM get in touch with me ... I'd love to join you guys.


Anonymous said...

It's Brobst....just read that little exchange between you and the waitress....
I can TOTALLY hear you saying.."I ALSO HAVE A $1000 KEY!"
nice work
next time, ask if they have cheeseburgers.