Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 51

Today - 0.0, total - 46.4

I did not lose any weight today and that is ok. I went grocery shopping yesterday. As a treat for being on the diet for 50 days, I bought one of those salads in a bag (with dressing) and some pre-marinated chicken. It was a little salty, but it was really tasty. I didn't realize how much I have changed since the diet started. Before, I would have wanted something fried for dinner to celebrate followed by a chocolate dessert and no salad in sight. I know that this is how I am going to eat when I am done with the diet to maintain my new weight and I liked it. It was tasty and satisfying.

I really don't have much to say today, so that is all for now. More tomorrow.....


Anna said...

I am so proud of you Sascha.... I just caught up with the blog and I have to say you have re- inspired me with my diet.